What is Travel Advantage? ?

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Introduction to Travel Advantage

Travel Advantage is a well-known and economical platform, with over 400,000 members spread across many countries. Its aim is to transform the travel and shopping industries.


Travel Advantage was created by MWR Life. MWR Life is known for :

MWR Life and Travel Advantage are members of the ETOA (European Tourism Association), an organization dedicated to promoting an environment conducive to the long-term development of tourism in Europe.

European Tourism Association

Missions de MWR Life

The company is based on three main pillars :

Travel Advantage - Make travel affordable

The goal is to make travel affordable for more people, offering a multitude of options for traveling while saving money.

Travel Advantage - Save to Give

By saving on travel, customers can (if they wish) contribute to helping children around the world. A percentage of each donation.

Travel Advantage - Business opportunity

Travel Advantage offers an opportunity for interested individuals to become ambassadors of the platform, thereby allowing them to generate additional income.

Comment ça marche ?

To understand how Travel Advantage allows savings on travel, let's examine the traditional model and the Travel Advantage model.

Travel Advantage - Traditional model

In the traditional model, merchants use advertising (television, internet, etc.) to reach their customers. These marketing costs are reflected in higher prices for consumers, as companies seek to recoup these expenses.

Travel Advantage - subscription model

The Travel Advantage model marks a new era. It aims to reduce intermediaries and does not rely on traditional advertising. Instead, ambassadors and members recommend the platform, allowing for competitive pricing without high margins.

Additionally, Travel Advantage opts for a monthly subscription model, avoiding markups on bookings. This model proves to be more beneficial for customers.

Travel Advantage - subscription platforms

Just like Netflix offers unlimited movies or Spotify offers music, this subscription provides access to the Travel Advantage booking platform.

What is Travel Advantage concretely ?

Travel Advantage offers a unique booking experience, combining:

Private travel club

Which brings together members/clients with access to several services depending on their membership

Booking platform and exclusive services

Offering various travel-related services such as hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, etc.

24/7 Multilingual Support

Exceptional customer service, constantly available via email, phone, chat, or WhatsApp

Solo, Family, or Group Travel

Whether traveling solo, with family, or in a group, the Travel Advantage platform has options for everyone

Exclusive Offers to Travel More

Enjoy exclusive offers to make your travels even more memorable and affordable

This platform is characterized by its versatility, offering a wide range of travel options, all accessible in one place

Here is an overview of the services offered by the platform:



A varied selection of accommodations, from budget hotels to luxury establishments.



Flexible flight bookings, national and international, with a variety of airlines.

Car Rental

Car Rental

Convenient car rental service, suited for various travel needs.

Lifestyle Mall

Lifestyle Mall

Shopping center offering a premium and diverse shopping experience, like a duty free.



Luxurious cruise trips offering relaxation, entertainment, and exotic stopovers.



All-inclusive resort stays for relaxation, leisure, and outdoor activities.

Show Tickets

Show Tickets

Access to a wide range of cultural or entertaining shows and events.



Reliable and comfortable transfers to airports, hotels, and key destinations.

Life Experiences®

Life Experiences®

Unique experiences organized by the platform.

Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation

Various ground transportation solutions (Train, Bus..), combining comfort and efficiency.



A wide range of recreational and adventure activities for all tastes.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals

Selection of unique vacation properties for unforgettable stays.

Flash Deals

Flash Deals

Exclusive promotions and limited offers for advantageous travel opportunities.

Avantages exclusifs

In addition to the varied services already presented, Travel Advantage offers its members a range of exclusive benefits, greatly enriching their travel experience

Travel Advantage - travel credits

Travel Credits

With every booking made on our platform, you will accumulate travel credits, similar to miles, which can be used to reduce the cost of your future services

Travel Advantage - loyalty points

Loyalty Points

For Plus and Elite memberships, the amount paid is converted into loyalty points, which can be used to reduce the cost of services, within the limit set for each booking

Travel Advantage - extra travelers

Up to 5 Travelers

You also have the option to share your membership with other people of your choice, allowing them to independently enjoy the benefits of the platform

Member Reviews

Members of Travel Advantage express their satisfaction and contentment, as evidenced by our high ratings on Trustpilot, thus distinguishing ourselves from other travel platforms

Travel Advantage - trustpilot reviews

The Different Memberships

The platform offers three types of membership (all without commitment), each with its own cost, providing access to a variety of exclusive services

VIP Subscription Travel Advantage
19.97$ /month ou 199$ /year
Plus Subscription Travel Advantage
59.97$ /month + 60$ activation
Elite Subscription Travel Advantage
119.97$ /month + 120$ activation

Join the Travel Advantage Platform

To join the platform, follow these instructions:

  1. Access the link

    Click on this link to sign up for Travel Advantage.

  2. Choose the right membership

    Browse through the different membership options and select the one that suits your needs.

  3. Fill in your information

    Complete the registration form with your personal information, ensuring its accuracy.

  4. Validate and confirm

    Finalize your registration by validating your information.