The different subscription plans

Abonnement VIP Travel Advantage
Abonnement Plus Travel Advantage
Abonnement Elite Travel Advantage

Travel Advantage offers a variety of subscription options to meet the needs of its members, with three levels of subscription: VIP, Plus, and Elite.

Each of these subscriptions offers access to a variety of travel or online shopping services.

Note that you can still have free access (Guest Pass), which gives you access to over 2 million hotels and allows you to enjoy the same benefits as paying members for 2 nights.

Membership costs

Each subscription has its own cost and benefits, so choose the formula that suits your needs.

Upon registration 19.97 $ + Free activation 199.00 $ + Free activation 59.97 $ + Activation of 60 $ 119.97 $ + Activation of 120 $
Renewal 19,97 $ / month 199.00 $ / year 59.97 $ / month 119.97 $ / month
Join as VIP Join as VIP Join as Plus Join as Elite

⚠️ Note that each subscription offers the possibility of having 1 or more additional users, who will share the same account/subscription.

Additional users 1 1 1 4

Access to services

Each subscription allows access to and unlocks a set of services that the Travel Advantage platform offers.

The grid below provides an overview of all the services offered by Travel Advantage as well as the different subscriptions that allow access to them.

If you want to learn more about the services offered, we have prepared a page that explains them in detail, click on the link

Access to mobile app
Access to Hotels
Access to Resorts
Access to Flights
Access to Cars
Access to Packages
Access to Transfers
Access to Activities
Access to Life Experiences®
Access to Lifestyle Mall
Access to Cruises
Access to Trains
Access to Stays
Access to Flash Deals